Fuser Technology

Fusers are the heart of a laser printer thus making them the most important component. Fuser performance impacts your business in more ways than simply adhering toner to paper, let’s explore.

Printing accounts for up to 3% of your customer’s overall spend so it is important to make sure you are maximizing those dollars. Premature failures cost more than just the component itself, they cost you valuable time and your reputation.

To ensure we provide you with the highest quality product, we follow these steps on every unit:

  • Sleeves are replaced 100% of the time with OEM approved grease
  • All bushings and gears are replaced
  • Lower pressure roller is replaced on every unit
  • Components are tested to the most stringent standards in the industry
  • Every single fuser is tested and prints a page before being packed
  • Post testing on any returned fuser to understand why it failed and how to prevent it

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