Remanufactured Printers

Not all printers are refurbished equally. Building the highest quality printers is a priority for Laser Express, we pride ourselves on what we produce and would like to show you why.

We Guarantee Quality

No matter if it is a smaller personal printer or a large production unit, we follow the same process every time to guarantee quality:

  • Initial testing and inspection
  • Complete disassembly down to the frame
  • Replace all worn components
  • Ensure all panels are matching
  • Full preventative maintenance performed
  • Reassembled to OEM specifications
  • Page count reset and firmware upgrade
  • Visual and full functional testing performed

Place Your Trust in Us

When selling a printer to your customer you are putting your reputation on the line, why not provide a printer you know will perform well in the field? Partnering with Laser Express will give you confidence in every printer your customer uses.

You can rely on The Printer Technology Professionals, contact us today!